140 characters are just not enough!

After I stopped writing my columns for Dutch dance portal djscene.nl, I thought it would be a good idea to start a blog. I do miss writing and besides that, the Dutch language only goes so far and limits the number of people who are actually interested in my mind boggles.

Also, until my new website is finally up, this seems a good way to communicate. Another reason to start a blog is because on Twitter – which is my main communication platform nowadays – the 140 character limit is not always adequate in capturing my, at times, brilliant thoughts.

So what to expect from a DJ/ producer? Normally.. not much. The DJ outside his habitat is such a boring species that even biologist David Attenborough himself couldn’t make it slightly interesting. But in my case you just might find some quirky thoughts and opinions on things that matter to me personally ranging from Music (obviously) to Philosophy, Mythology, People, Boxing, Science, Love, Art, Travelling, Films  and Pro Wrestling. Let’s say my interests are… ehm… diverse.

I hope you’ll enjoy your stay here.. eventually.
Harry Lemon




2 thoughts on “140 characters are just not enough!

  1. Hello Henry,

    Thank you for posting these words of Dr. Campbell. I was lying in my bed whole day and thinking about the emptiness of my life and my heart trying to find some sense of this omnipresent feeling. And only answer I found was a pure nothingness. Then on such a backround, perfectly void , you helped me found the correct thought to be poured on and it worked, it has re-ignited me.

    Thank you for that and for your music 🙂


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