Dance Music matures nicely. Oh’s Pop!

I was watching Jools Holland on the BBC just as Miike Snow was playing. I didn’t know who they were so I youtubed it by the lyrics they were singing. I say ‘they’ because  they’re a band. From Sweden. And their sound is firmly rooted in Electronic Dance Music and DJ culture

For a long time I’ve been complaining about the Dance Music scene still finding itself in a niche market. But what I didn’t see is that it slowly but surely became part of contemporary pop music. Bands like Miike Snow and even the now famous ones like Keane and Coldplay are all developing their music as expected from a ‘generation of clubbers’. It’s just easily integrated. It comes natural. It’s been part of their diet.

Mike Snow's debut album

So when it comes naturally it’s all good I guess. There’s no reason to wait for the Tiesto’s or Armin’s becoming pop stars. They never will. It might appear that way but it’s altogether different.

Stepping out of what you know is mandatory. O yeah, you can still be successful, famous, a millionaire and even be happy with that. Bands like Sweden’s Miike Snow stepped off, broke out and kept the good bits from 24 years of Dance Music. After all, why be a prisoner of your own style?

Check out Miike Snow’s Black and Blue. They’re even better live. Go see them if you can.


2 thoughts on “Dance Music matures nicely. Oh’s Pop!

  1. Hi How do you feel about the new DJ,S that are coming thru with there lap tops ect do you think that with all the new gadgets around that a Bedroom dj can just now take a lap top and play a set in a club?

  2. I think it’s becoming a lost art form. But at the same time the whole DJ thing is changing so fast, it needs time to distinguish the bad from the good. I think it’s best to write a new blog on that subject. Thanks Jenny 🙂

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