I rule Techno

Amazing really how technology shapes and influences your life. I’ve had a terrible month only because of troubles regarding technology and computers. And in my line of work that’s a real  no-no. But I guess that goes for most of the world’s population.

So I had to get a new computer. I settled for a Toshiba notebook with the new Windows 7 installed. I have to say.., I like Windows 7.

Had to fix my trusty old Music computer as well. But that’s kinda understandable; It´s almost 10 years old and runs on Windows 98SE. Yes. You´ve read it right. Windows 98SE.

What you need to know is that – for me at least – making music is done best by not thinking about it when you’re doing it. And I have always been a firm believer in the fact that technology shouldn’t get in the way of creativity. On the other hand, creativity does get a boost by new technology. Especially when it comes to producing Electronic Dance Music. All the ‘new’ styles of music that you hear today wouldn’t be possible with all this new technology. And yes, unfortunately that also includes those terrible preset patterned sounds and songs  you hear today as well.

So, back to my trusty old win98SE comp. I see and treat it like a Stradivarius. And I’m kinda proud that I rule techno instead of techno ruling me.

ps. The 2010 tour is shaping up rather well. More to come soon.



2 thoughts on “I rule Techno

  1. Hey you! Mercury is retrograde until next Tuesday – computers and electronics have been whacky and/or failing, and communications gone awry (for the last two weeks+ and until May 11) 😐 The good news is, in another week we all will be feeling lighter as things from all angles seem to get back on track – YAY! You’re a trooper for hanging in there and making the world more lovely even with all the obstacles 😉

    Love ya!!!!!


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