Mi Muchila – Rumble on South Square

In 1997 I produced various records with Eric Denz da Denz, a legendary Funk/Groove DJ in the city of Rotterdam. I basically produced them all and we used the name Mi Muchila. This title is by me and is called ‘Rumble on South Square’. It’s one of my all time faves but I wouldn’t dream of categorizing it. Lets say it is what it is.

Since Boxing is my favourite sport and the title contains both ‘rumble’ and ‘square’ , I thought it would be appropriate to have fighters in the clip. To me personally Boxing represents life in a nutshell. It is a great analogy to life itself. You get beat down only to get up again… and then do it again. And again..and again and… Presto! You’ve created some great stories along the way.

Anyway, I don’t think anyone is really interested in seeing backpacks for over 9 minutes. That’s what ‘Mi Muchila’ means so I’ve been told. But.., it’s all about the music of course. This is my first ever clip so watch this blog or subscribe either at youtube or here or by rss feed so you don’t miss out on video’s to come.


One thought on “Mi Muchila – Rumble on South Square

  1. First of all I like the track very much! And sometimes, like this song, things don’t need a category. Categories are like a jugdement and judgements are like a bird cage. Especially music doesn’t need a bird cage!

    Your analogy of boxing and life is deep: the bitter loss and the sweet win (also reflected in the video)! In conjunction with this song a very deep and personal insight!

    Thank you for sharing with the world! Wishing you joice in winning situations and power for getting up again and again.

    Big hug

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