Lemon8 presents 8-Track Mind, July 2010, Costa Rica special


Lemon8 presents 8-Track Mind
July 20, 2010, Costa Rica special

00. Lemon8 – 8TM Prelude

01. Blackwatch & Greed – Gentle Rain (Glenn Morrison rmx)

02. Tropical Highlight – Fly Away

03. Tune Off feat Cotry – Sweet Bitterness

04. Robert Mint – Drifting Spirits (Human8 rmx)

05. Deep Sound – 2Go (V2 Mix)

06. Kaddyn Palmed – Goin’ Loco (DJ Winn rmx)*

07. Kaddyn Palmed – Goin’ Loco (Korlov rmx)*

08. Kaddyn Palmed – Goin’ Loco (Original mix)*

09. Deep Sound – Just Deep (V2 mix)

10. The Emissary – Synapse (His Boy Elroy rmx)

11. Luca Ricci – Tribute to Francesco D Assisi (Gui Sheffer Morning Mix)

12. David Phillips – Voodoo Kitchen

13. Dounier – Hey Baby (unreleased)

14. Oliver Moldan – Nocturn (Lemon8 rmx)

15. Kay-D – My Dreams

16. SLP and Lawn – Operent Sea (Moti Brothers rmx)

17. Dubfire – Rejekt

18. Toppy – Living Box

19. Michael & Levan and Stiven Rivic -Twilight (Lemon8 RMX)

Credits to:
Lola-7, Connie Byrne, Mitch Alexander @ Release Promo,
Faisal Sultan, Quantum Agency Inc and everyone sending
in their music and 8-Track Minded people tuning in every
*special edits by Lemon8



2 thoughts on “Lemon8 presents 8-Track Mind, July 2010, Costa Rica special

  1. As i told you this morning H, this is an awesome set, very atmospheric and a journey in to emotions without being trance…. I loved every track…

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