Lemon8 – Artist Of The Week, February 2011

This February I’ve been Artist Of The Week for the second time since 2006 at friskyradio.com.


AOTW, Friskyradio 2011

Artist Of The Week: Lemon8

To make it more special I decided to have the 2 hours broadcast only consisting of my own work, whether originals or remixes. I’ve done that once before and released it as The Inner Sanctuary Sessions;  A now classic album from 2003.

So you might say this is sort of the successor to that (double-) album. At first i thought I might not have enough material to fill the 2 hours but I soon found out that 2 hours wasn’t enough. I had to make choices. The good thing about it is that there will be a part 2 in the near future.

This is what the end result sounds like…


Here’s the Link to the Mix. You can either play it, embed it on your page(s) or download it:

Lemon8 – AOTW Frisky Radio 2011

Track List:

01. Revolt – Relax (Lemon8 remix)*
02. Lemon8 – Darkness into Darkness
03. Allan O’Marshall – Next Page (Lemon8 remix)
04. Lemon8 – Flashlight
05. Amine Edge And Sebastien Ziani – Wicked (Lemon8 remix)
06. Oliver Morgenroth – Care (Lemon8 remix)
07. Yaz – Don’t Go (Lemon8 dub mix)
08. Lemon8 – Model8 (lemon8 remix)
09. Lemon8 – Heaven & Hell
10. Lemon8 – Demon Disco
11. Lemon8 – Tiga
12. Interstate – I found you (Lemon8 remix)
13. Against The Grain – Further (Lemon8 remix)

* this track sounds somewhat weird and distorted due to time stretch troubles.


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