Lemon8 presents 8-Track Mind, April 2011

00. Lemon8 – 8-Track Mind Intro
01. Technique’s – This Old House (The Workshop Mix)
02. Supernova – Beat Me Back
03. Honey Dijon & Celeda – Brand New Groove (Jaime Dub Mix)
04. Gabriel Rocha & DJ PP – Conga (DJ PP edit)
05. Alexander D – Amenca Tenue
06. ? – Anything (Stein Remix)
07. Franky B aka Cryptic Monkey Planet – Bomb
08. Gabriel d’Or & Bordoy – Cassus Belly
09. Soultronic – Just a Piano Thing (Davide Vario Remix)
10. Zoe Xenia – Avoid The Void (Von Smir Remix)
11. D-Unity – Fancy Shit (Prometey Remix)
12. Umek – Robot/Audience (Michael Boening Remix)
13. Juan Deminicis – Remember The Future (Cid Inc Remix)
14. Chab – Tunneling (Classic)
15. Franzis D – Japan (Matias Chilano Remix)
16. Kay Mikado – Double Treat
17. Kultrun – A Moment In Time (F-Act Remix)
18. D-Unity – Shake It (D-Unity’s 2011 Re-Touch)
19. Anthony Yarranton & Deluna – Rubicon Express (Wade Bennett Remix)
20. Trent Cantrelle – We Got Time (Alex Seda Remix)

Mix and Selection by Harry Lemon for Lemon8 Productions 2011. Huge Thank U’s to all labels and artists for sending in their music and all those with an 8-Track Mind tuning in every Month for 4 years now. 8-Track Mind is on every first Thursday of the Month at friskyradio.com.

Listen or Download

Progressive by Nature. Not by Style

Lemon8 presents 8TM


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