8-Track Mind October 2011

Lemon8 presents 8-Track Mind October 2011

00. Lemon8 - 8TM Prologue
01. Chris Fresh - Possession**
02. Origene - Sanctuary (Ivan Gough Mix)
03. Lemon8 - The Only Way
04. Mike Duz - Situations
05. Deriwer feat. Niki Paley - Feel Like I am Flying (Club Mix)
06. Tune Off - La Playa
07. Verve - Hypnomod
08. Hypnotic Duo - Life Particles (Li-Polymer Remix)
09. Peter McGill - Sostenuto
10. Smak (aka Steve McCready) - Deundo
11. Akatishia vs Matthew Dekay - Time To Think*
12. Ivan Fernandez - The Blues (Wade Bennett Remix)
13. Yothu Yindi - Treaty (Peace Division Remix)*
14. Soul Penetrator aka Richie Santana - Tribal Pleasures*
15. Bullit - Cried To Dream (Casselle & Christopher's Ashtrax Mix)*
16. Soulwerk – Fraktals
17. Digital Mess - Nominal
every first thursday of the month at friskyradio.com



8-Track Mind is progressive by nature, not by style
Aired every first Thursday of the Month by friskyradio.com
Mix and selection by Harry Lemon for Lemon8 Productions 2011

* vinyl ** lacker/Acetate

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