Lemon8 presents 8-Track Mind, November 2011

Lemon8 presents 8-Track Mind

November 2011 Track List & Download

Lemon8 Presents 8-Track Mind

 00. Lemon8 – 8-Track Mind Prologue

01. Atlantis Ocean – Fuji

02. Bernie Allen – Anja

03. Deep Frog feat. Wi – Fear (Michael levan and Stiven Rivic Remix)

04. Pablo Acenso – Stop Thinking

05. Steve Menta – Lie Train 

06. Controlwerk & Cast Away – Eyes Closed (First edit)

07. Mindset – Yuu (VIF Remix)

08. Psychowsky – Beyond The Words Of Silence (F-Act Remix)

09. Chelahov – Cafe Creme (F-Act Remix)

10.Hypnotic Duo – Endorphine

11. Raxon – Into The Summer (Cid Inc Remix)

12. Relaunch – Suspense (Basil O’Glue Remix)

13. Tavo Mar – Caribe (Audio Junkies)

14. Steve Menta – Attraction

15. Spikers, Merlo & Steve Menta – Loose

16. Solead – Chicaboo (Arjun Vagale Remix)

17. Tash – I/5 (Luis Junior Remix)

18. Good Livin – Feels So Chilled*

19. Good Livin – Feels So Good

20. 8-Track Mind Epilogue

*contains excerpts of the poem “On The Pulse Of Morning” as written and recited by Maya Angelou

Total Running Time: 1 Hour, 57 Minutes, 26 Seconds

Download this episode and more here

Mix, Selection and Mastering by Harry Lemon for Lemon8 Productions 2011
Thank you to all labels, Artists and Promo Services for sending in their music.
8-Track Mind is Progressive by Nature. Not by Style.
Aired every first Thursday of the Month at friskyradio.com


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