8-Track Mind March 2014

An all new roller-coaster of an episode!
Mix and selection by Lemon8
Thanks to all artists, promo services and record labels for sending in the music.

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8-Track Mind (#8TM) is Progressive by Nature, not by Style.
Aired every first Thursday of the Month by friskyradio.com
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* Tracks 21 and 22 are classics from Forensic Records, NYC, US

8TM MARCH 2014

00 Lemon8 – 8TM Prologue
01 Sound Quelle – About You
02 Karmine Rosciano – What Do You Believe
03 PROFF – Paradigm
04 PROFF – What It Feels Like
05 La Rose – Distance Between Us
06 Suspect 44 – The End
07 Lutzenkirchen – The Imp (Da Fresh Remix)
08 Vadim Soloviev – It’s A Funky Record
09 Alex Vidal – Stellarium
10 Evave – Feel Your sun
11 The Rogue Agents – Saphfire
12 Cloudive – I Wanna Know
13 1Touch – Be Strong (Yuriy From Russia Remix)
14 Sunn Jellie – Stargaze (Cosmonaut Remix)
15 Alexander B – Back To Home
16 Fon Leman – Constant Religion (Aerofeel 5 Remix)
17 Nico Parisi – Soulit (Sector 7 Remix)
18 Lonely Sun and Nicolas Agudelo – Aurora Storm
19 Biologik – Stories
20 Remo – Ivision
21 Little Green Men – These Are The Beats (Third Movement Mix)




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