8-Track Mind May 2014

Brand new music in this episode to start your Summer, Winter (down unda), road trip, bike ride or pre party!

Mix and selection by Lemon8
Thanks to all artists, promo services and record labels for sending in the music.

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8-Track Mind (#8TM) is Progressive by Nature, not by Style.
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8TM May 2014


00 Lemon8 – 8TM Prologue
01 Corei – Sinestesia (Donatello Remix)
02 4H Community – Tribal Coma (Brutal Dub Mix)
03 Jelly For The Babies – Afterhours (Original Mix)
04 Cut Knob – Bandolero (Ewan Rill Remix)
05 Lautaro Varela – Gone (Antu Coimbra Remix)
06 Claes Rosen – If I Could Be U (Blood Groove & Kikis Remix)
07 Quantum Shift – Fountain (Original Mix)
08 4H Community – Depth Of Consciousness (Deeprog 4H Dub Mix)
09 East Cafe – Outback (Napalm Remix)
10 Danny Tenaglia – Be Yourself (Jerome Robins Simple Edit)
11 Nugen – Braaj (Lemon8 Remix)
12 Sailor & I – Tough Love (Juan Deminicis & Martin Etchegaray Remix)
13 Mindset – Yuu (V I F Remix)
14 Monojoke – Begone (D.X.Xavier Remix)
15 Derek Howell – Dark Horse (Dibby Dougherty Remix)
16 Dirty Cat -Space (Original Mix)
17 Tektonica – Type One (Gary Delaney Dreamix)
18 Moshic – Do It To Me Now (Manu Riga Progtrip Remix)






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