Introducing Harry Lemon a.k.a. Lemon8

So Life Just Dealt You a Lemon? Good!

For a blog which intends to be more personal I won’t bore you with the usual yada yada about how great I am and what I’ve achieved over the period that I’ve been a dj and producer. There are numerous links and pages which do exactly that.

I’ve set up Lemon8 Log for no other reasons but to rant, inform and express myself in ways that wouldn’t be ‘proper’ or impossible to do on other platforms. I’ve been writing for most of my life and it felt a little awkward and frustrating doing nothing but drop a few lines here and there on various pages like Facebook , Twitter and Myspace.

I used to write weekly columns for a popular Dutch on-line magazine called These of course were written in Dutch as it was a Dutch website and…well, because I’m Dutch. Not that I wrote columns in a strict sense. They were more like short stories telling about my adventures during my travels or sometimes just an eleborate love poem about the Technics turntable.

Naturally, my main thing is music. So that’s what I’m doing most of the time. Or should anyway. But every once in a while I just might get the urge to write something down. And this is where I’ll do that.  Also, I will post news regarding new productions, gigs and music related topics concerning me, as most of you will know me from my music. Many new projects are in the pipeline so it’s going to be interesting times. And you’ll read all about it here.



2 thoughts on “Introducing Harry Lemon a.k.a. Lemon8

  1. Remember the time around where it all started….. Bells of Revolution! I remember remixing that… it was hard work but very rewarding :-> Hope all is well 🙂 seasons greetings!

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