8-Track Mind October 1, 2015

8TM October 2015

8TM October 2015

While Dancing to rhythm in music is Tribalism at its core, we’ll focus on it being a sub-genre or integration in what is called Progressive House Music. This percussive driven sound was very popular somewhere between 2000 and 2006 and played by most Prog DJ’s including myself. It was never a sound or genre as such in Prog sets at the time. Progressive House Music have always absorbed other styles in either productions or gigs. I guess that was why it was called ‘Progressive’.

In my opinion that percussive driven sound died off for the most part ever since the rise of Deadmau5. His unique syncopated chords and bass sound set the new norm in what was called Progressive House and Progressive Trance (Which is a contradiction in terms. It does not exist). Also, many prog DJ’s and clubs who used to book Prog DJ’s massively jumped ship to the next big thing which was Electro and then Minimal. So as of 2007 we’d hear less and less percussive elements. Progressive House by now was a Beatport sub-genre based on melodic content and BPM’s for the most part.

So many to choose from

So many to choose from

Let’s get back to the program and see what we have here for the October 2015 edition of 8-Track Mind. The show kicks off with PMT’s Gyromancer. A true Prog classic. Tribal? Well not really. It’s a simple breakbeat with layers of outlandish and alien sound sweeps. But wait… Do I hear a cowbell? Good enough. This is followed by Australian Katai’s Turn Of Time. We can slowly hear the percussion move in. Roaches by Dutch outfit Trancesetters is in its Peace Division remix THE blueprint of Prog Tribal House. A true evergreen in the genre and still being played today. In fact: While writing this, I just received a new remix to review!

A new remix just in as I write this. Crazy!

A new remix just in as I write this. Crazy!

Some more

Halo Varga’s Future! is on par with Roaches. And it’s in mono in case you wonder what happened to your earbuds. I think it adds to its power. Scumfrog’s remix of Andante by Tribal prog hero Steve Lawler on Bedrock has always been a firm fave of mine and should definitely be included in any Tribal Prog list. Another fave is Blackwatch’ rework of Lenny Kravitz’ Believe In Me. Yes, it’s been on heavy rotation ever since 8TM started in 2007 but it has its place in this mix. Chicane’s rendition of Soothe isn’t strictly Tribal Prog but I love the percussive elements in here and of course the vocals. Just because the focus is on Tribal Progressive House Music shouldn’t mean it would exclude anything else. I never played this way so why start now?

Not in the mix... but could have been

Not in the mix… but could have been

I’ve always used percussion in my own music and it’s no different with Triple Funk from The Inner Sanctuary Sessions. Also in the mix is New York New York of which some would say it also helped define the genre. It’s preceded by Victor Calderone’s The Drive which is total percussive mayhem and the show comes to an end with I Love You by John Creamer and Stephane K. What to say about this one…? It’s an epic piece of Tribal House Music. An adventure. It’s sexy, dark… has all the right elements to bring you back to the dawn of time when we humans would regularly dance around the fire while getting healed and rejuvenated.

I hope you will get healed and rejuvenated when listening to this episode of 8-Track Mind. Enjoy!


00 Lemon8 – 8TM Prologue
01 PMT – Gyromancer
02 Katai – Turn Of Time (Dub)
03 Trancesetters – Roaches (Peace Division Remix)
04 Willy Sanjuan & Sergi Domene – Underground (Juan Magan & Victor Magan Mix)
05 Halo Varga presents My Sound – Future!
06 KAO – Stonegroove
07 Steve Lawler – Andante (The Scumfrog’s Ff Tusson D’or Remix)
08 Two Right Wrongans – Sorry Mate, You’ve Got The Wrong House
09 Rambo – Turn It Up (D Ramirez Mix)
10 Lenny Kravitz- Believe In Me (Blackwatch Mix)
11 Mantra feat. Lydia Rhodes – Away (Peter Rauhofer Dub)
12 Mauro Picotto – Hazley (Zone Remix)
13 Furry Phreaks – Soothe (Chicane Jazz)
14 Lemon8 – Triple Funk
15 Chab – (The) Sinus
16 Victor Calderone – The Drive
17 Lemon8 – New York, New York
18 John Creamer & Stephane K – I Love You (Original Mix)



Lemon8’s 8-Track Mind September 3 2015

8TM September 2015 flyer

8-Track Mind Track List September 3 2015 as aired on Friskyradio.com

00 Lemon8 – 8TM Prologue
01 Sinead O’Connor – Troy (John Creamer & Stephane K Remix)
02 Jamie Baggotts – Mexico City
03 Alexey Lisin & Ange – Vesna (Audio Noir Rekonstruction)
04 Damir Ludvig and Everbeatz – Gestures
05 Lexicon Avenue – From Dusk Till Dawn
06 Simon Firth – Time Lapse (Lemon8 Remix)
07 Peter Dundov – Stairway
08 Kamilo Sanciemente – The Twilight Zone
09 Deepsec & Adam Firegate – Modulator (Robert R. Hardy Remix)
10 Blackwatch & Greed – Gentle Rain
11 Anton Fine and Laura Kronhagen – En Kuulu (Santiago Deep Remix)
12 Mason – Frontrow Chemistry
13 Archive – Fuck You (Elias Kazais Mix)
14 Shipstad & Warren – Near Perfect
15 Jody Wisternoff – Cold Drink, Hot Girl
16 Benny Maze feat. Drew Brody – Utopia
17 YNOT & Cosmo Klein – When Doves Cry
18 Marc Kelso – Half Lit World (Unknown Mix 2001, Lemon8 Remaster)

I pretty much dj and mix music I’m in the mood for. Whether it’s old or new
or in the middle, I don’t care. I want it to be personal and I hope it
comes across like that.

In this episode I have some awesome new tracks, proven as well as obscure classics
and some 8TM recurrent faves. Take Blackwatch & Greed’s Gentle Rain for example.
Or Shipstad & Warren’s Near Perfect; two pieces of music that stood the test of time
and feature that 8TM feeling and vibe of heartfelt lyrics, great melodies and Chord

Elias Kazais’ remix of Archive’s Fuck You is a track that I lost over the years but
thankfully found back a few days ago after loads of people kept asking about this version. As far as I know it was never an officially released mix but I might be wrong. Anyway, it’s in the mix again.

The first ever mix I did for Frisky Radio back in 2006 had Jody Wisternoff’s Cold Drink, Hot Girl in it. How I love this track! It has all the elements to address every emotion one can have in a piece of electronic dance music; an intricate and powerful production yet kept pleasingly simple. I’ve never played it without getting all of the crowd involved.

When Doves Cry is a pop classic given a dance floor remake. There’s been plenty of them over the years but this is the first one I like. Yes, it sounds commercial but who cares? You get that with a pop classic. Anyway, I like it.

Over the years I’ve remixed so much stuff that I literally lost track. I bookmarked my own
Discogs page to see if there’s anything I missed or forgot about. My remix of Simon Firth’s Time Lapse is one of them and I can say it’s been a pleasant experience hearing it again with fresh ears. The ‘Did I make That? Cool!’ feeling is undeniably a unique one.
Aside from the older tracks there’s a bunch of future 8TM classics too and they’re equally


Listen again here: 8TM September 2015

Selection, Mix & Mastered by Lemon8
Thank you to all promo services, labels and artists for the great music.

Lemon8’s 8-Track Mind (8TM) has been ‘on air’ for over 8 years and is your
go-to listening, head bobbing, feet tapping and dancing experience consisting
of high quality electronic dance music.

8-Track Mind June 05 2014

8TM June 2014

8TM show

8TM June 2014

00 – Lemon8 – 8TM Prologue
01 – Reig – Leave In Smoke
02 – Michael & Levan and Stiven Rivic – Favela (Van Bellen Remix)
03 – Deep Reactor – Purple Shadow
04 – LoQuai – Helios
05 – Giovi & Gabux – Work That Sucks
06 – Airwave -Triangle (Inkfish Remix)
07 – Reflection Soul – Constellation
08 – Yuriy From Russia, Cream Sound – My Way Is Heaven
09 – Budakid – Back To Live (One Opinion Remix)
10 – Quivver – Ain’t Nothin’ Goin’ on but the Rent (Quivver Dub Mix)
11 – Danny Tenaglia – Be Yourself (Jerome Robins Simple Edit)
12 – North Atlantic – Lights Out (Lemon8 rmx) Remaster 2011
13 – Deriwer – Lhasa (Original Mix)
14 – Tilt feat. Sam Mollison – The Hurt (Andre Sobota Dub Mix)
15 – Ewan Rill – Deep Sea (Original Mix)
16 – Hairdryer – One (Original Mix)
17 – !Reflekt feat. Delline Bass – Need To Feel Loved (Adam K. & Soha Vocal Mix)
18 – Melonum – Frankfurt Am Main (Original Mix)

Play/Download Here. Play it at friskyradio.com

8-Track Mind May 2013

8-Track Mind May 2013 

One More Classic Progressive Special

This May 2013 episode consists of Classic Progressive music from the period 2004-2005 as recorded in Miami at the time and will be the last classic episode for all I know. I think I aired every live gig that I got a hold of, so unless some hidden gem turns up this will be the last one.

8tm flyer may 2013

There’s no Track List as I didn’t make lists at that time.

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8-Track Mind April 2013

8-Track Mind April 2013 

Classic Progressive Special 2004-2005

8TM April 2013

This April 2013 episode consists of Classic Progressive music from the period 2004-2005 as recorded at the time and is a must listen for any EDM fan.

There’s no Track List for this one.

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Lemon8 presents 8-Track Mind, 5 Year Anniversary April 2012

Lemon8 presents 8-Track Mind

5 Year Anniversary Show

April 2012 Track List


5 Years of 8-Track Mind

00. Lemon8 – 8TM Prologue
01. James Woods – Nocturne
02. Evren Furtuna – Circles – (Kikis Remix)
03. Mike Griego – People Change (Kassey Voorn Remix)
04. Vik Undr – Dark_Room
05. Andrea Fissore – Streets Of Coro (Santiago Deep Remix)
06. Fady Ferraye & Agoria feat Scalde – Beirut Solarized
07. Rodskeez – 22 Dollar Chorus
08. Gabriel D’or & Bordoy – You Got The Beat (kiko remix)
09. Sergey Silvertone Anturage – I’ve Got A Feeling (Dmitry Bessonov Remix)
10. SNK – Ryan Air
11. Vasiliy Goodkov – Feel (Break version)
12. F-Act – Whirlpool (Lemon8 Remix)
13. Nu Okkerville – Highway Nights
14. Kobana Yane3Dots – BN2 1TW
15. Tip D – Pride (Samotarev Remix)
16. JOSEL – Himalaya
17. Petar Dundov – Stairway
18. Kobana Yane3Dots – BN2 1TW Blood Groove (Kikis Remix)

Total Running Time: 2 Hours, 1 Minute, 39 Seconds

Mix and selection by Harry Lemon8
Originally aired by friskyradio.com April 5 2012

Thumbs up to all labels, artists and promotional services sending in their music, Frisky Radio for being a great platform and
faithful partner and all those who tune in every first Thursday of the Month.

8-Track Mind is Progressive by Nature. Not by Style.
Aired every first Thursday of the Month at friskyradio.com